Yes that’s racist, James

“I’m not racist” That’s the conclusion that James McMahon came to after being exposed for accidentally replying to job seeker Connie Cheung with an email saying “Me Love you long time,” a racist phrase which was first spoken by a Vietnamese sex worker in the late 80s film “Full Metal Jacket” and later sampled by […]

Yes That’s Racist, David

‘I’m not a racist by any means’ Hold on now. A “remorseful” David Mesher told “Good Morning Britain” that he wasn’t racist after a viral video showed Mesher berating Delsie Gayle, a 77-year old woman, by calling her a “stupid ugly cow,” “an ugly black bastard,” and to not to speak to him in another […]

Yes That’s Racist, Amber

“Not racist but (black officers) just have a different way of working and it shows.” This is one of the handful of insensitive, ignorant and racist text messages that Amber Guyger texted fellow police officers and friends. The text above was sent to another police officer mocking the supposed working style or work ethic of […]

Yes That’s Racist, Aaron

“I am not racist.” This is what New York lawyer Aaron Schlossberg tweeted in an apology after becoming infamous for berating employees at a Midtown deli for speaking Spanish and yelling at customers for defending said employees. In that May 2018 incident, a cell phone video of the event went viral as Schlossberg went off […]

Yes That’s Racist, Jill

“I am not racist” This came from the mouth of Jill Cronenberger after she told a Spanish-speaking employee to get the f•ck out of my country”  at a Mexican restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia Cronenberger was told to leave the restaurant after the very clearly xenophobic and racist comment she directed at Sergio Budar, an […]