Yes that’s racist, Chantelle

Self-proclaimed “model” Chantelle Foreman (or Withers) posted an Instagram story on March 22, 2020 that simply said “Chinese disease”.

When followers replied angrily to her story with some calling her out on her racist post, Chantelle became confused (shocker). Instead of trying to understand why Asians were taking offense to her social media post, Foreman posted a follow up story that said, “Lol mee getting called racist coz I said Chinese disease… HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD tbh let’s not get hasty gals WE DO LIKE OUR NAILS BEEN DONE” (Jesus Christ) mixing her anti-Chinese racism with Vietnamese stereotypes.

So incensed by being labeled a racist, Chantelle couldn’t contain her… well, her racism. She decided to follow it up with a truly fucked up Insta-story, saying: “Fk the chinks STRAIGHT UP over populated all look alike & ruined, infecting the best of us.”

Sheesh. I’ve had it with this story (hat tip We Are Resonate).

Yes That’s Racist, Chantelle.

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