Yes That’s Racist, David

‘I’m not a racist by any means’

Hold on now. A “remorseful” David Mesher told “Good Morning Britain” that he wasn’t racist after a viral video showed Mesher berating Delsie Gayle, a 77-year old woman, by calling her a “stupid ugly cow,” “an ugly black bastard,” and to not to speak to him in another language.

The septuagenarian’s crime? The verbal assault laid out on the Ryanair Flight back in October 2018 was due to Gayle not moving quickly enough out of his way so he could get to his window seat.

Yeah, all that for that. And of course, despite calling her a black bastard, Mesher still believes he’s not a racist. Here’s how he rationalized his behavior on the show:

“I probably lost my temper a bit and ordered her to get up,” he told Good Morning Britain “I’m not a racist person by any means, and it’s just a fit of temper at the time, I think.”

Oh that’s it, huh?

Dear David, that “fit of temper” is the first part of many choose your own adventure.

The next part is how you decide to manifest that so-called temper. You can choose to be a human being and be empathetic to the 77 year old as she attempts to move out of a tight seating space to allow you your window seat. Then there’s a HUGE spectrum of actions between that and calling her a “an ugly black bastard.”

Since you decided to go the extreme route and chose to use those words, we have a couple words of our own for you:  Yes that’s racist. And because those words came out of your mouth means you’re racist, David.

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