Yes that’s racist, Hans

“I hate what happened, I hate what I said, I’m not a racist at all, whatsoever.”

That’s what Hans Berglund told the Phoenix New Times after the white CEO of Agroplasma was caught on video calling a Randy Clarke, his Black Uber driver a “fucking nigger”

It’s not a surprise that no one thinks they’re racist even in the most egregious cases that are caught on cell phone cameras; that they genuinely believe that even after uttering racial slurs from their own mouth that somehow they’re not racist.

Just once, I would love to see one of these racists reply “You know, I didn’t know i had it in me. Before this I didn’t consider myself racist, but clearly I am. I’m sorry and will work to be less racist.” Ok, maybe I want to see this more than once.

Berglund Refused to Sit In Backseat

The situation started on a Friday night on January 31. That’s when Arizona State University student Clarke was driving around; working as an Uber driver — a job he’s been worked at for several years, accumulated over 14,000 rides, a near perfect rating and earned the highest rewards status of Diamond.

All that didn’t matter when he accepted a ride request from Berglund at approximately 9 p.m. When Clarke arrived to pick him up, he asked Berglund if he would sit in the back seat since he was a solo passenger. Due to past troubles, Clarke placed a sign and note on the app that the front seat is reserved for when he has three passengers or more in the car.

This was indicated with a sign on the front passenger side on the outside window as well as in the app when Berglund booked the request. Maybe he missed all that because he’s new to Uber and used to booking horses?

The Trump-supporting Berglund (not a coincidence, friends) was clearly irritated by Clarke’s request and initially refused then commanded Clarke to cancel the ride.

After all that, Berglund got into the back seat and refused to leave the car when asked. He asked Clarke if the request was because he was white saying: “Is it because I’m white?” before sawing off and calling Clarke a “fucking nigger” and “fucking idiot.”

This not knowing that Clarke set this up because he was assaulted on a couple occasions by drunk passengers. That’s not to mention that it was a simple request; something that clearly angered the entitled Berglund and activated his hate. We’ll leave you with the video:

You might not think you are racist, but…

yes that’s racist, Hans.

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