Yes That’s Racist, Jill

“I am not racist”

This came from the mouth of Jill Cronenberger after she told a Spanish-speaking employee to get the f•ck out of my country”  at a Mexican restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Cronenberger was told to leave the restaurant after the very clearly xenophobic and racist comment she directed at Sergio Budar, an American citizen and the General Manager of the Tampico restaurant for speaking Spanish with two employees.

According to Latino Rebels, the video began with Jill telling Budar that she rationalized her supposed open-mindedness by saying that she “lived in California for 20 years. English is our first language, so you need to speak English.” At that point, he apologizes for speaking Spanish when Cronenberger replies, “Well, I’m sorry about you too. Get the f•ck out of my country,” as her companion tried to get the belligerent Jill to not talk anymore.

According to, when she was asked to leave, Cronenberger pushed Budar and leveled up; saying ‘I got raped by illegal aliens and you want me to be nice to you?’ – no doubt a reference to Donald Trump’s comments back in 2016.

Are you really sorry? Are you really not a racist, Jill?

Actually, yes, that’s racist Jill. Like, really racist.


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