Yes that’s racist, Nancy

Good old Nancy Goodman won the triple crown of racism in July 2019. After angrily tossing a racial slur at fellow customers at a restaurant in North Carolina, she summoned the courage and awareness to tell local television station WRAL that she, in fact, wasn’t racist:

According to WRAL, Goodman said that she’s not racist.

Right before using that racial slur, she used this first level, mind-bending rationale:

Goodman told the women that she has “really good friends that are black, and I love them.”

What started the confrontation was Goodman becoming annoyed by a group of  women celebrating a birthday at a Bonefish Grill in Raleigh, North Carolina. Words were exchanged before Goodman called Lakesha Shaw a “stupid, n—–“. That wasn’t it either. The 71 year old Nancy had this to say when asked about using the racial slur.

“I used that word because they forced me into it.” blaming it on her anxiety before doubling-down and telling WRAL “I would say it again.”

Dammit Nancy, that’s racist. Rumors are swirling that Nancy is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


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