Yes that’s racist, Nick

“I’m not racist or anything. I don’t hate people based on the color of their skin.”

That’s what 22-year-old Nick Dunn said after tossing racist tropes and homophobic names at a Hispanic man in in late-January 2021.

The California man was recently caught on mobile phone video angrily throwing our racist and homophobic slurs at a Hispanic man outside of a Popeyes restaurant in Escondido, California

His name is Nick Dunn. Dunn was caught on digital film with to others. Also captured in the same video was father of the year James Bobek along with his son Jimmy Bobek. The Bobeks weren’t nearly as charged up and offensive as Nunn, but they contributed to the aggressive, RACIST behavior of the incident that happened in and around January 29, 2021.

From As you witness in the video, Dunn can be clearly seen holding his mobile out and also recording the incident. He then gets into the Hispanic man’s face and yells, “go back to where you f***** came from.” The man Dunn was with, James Bobek, then can be seen on video smacking the phone of the man recording and calling him “n*****.” The man recording then tells Bobek to say that one more time, and Bobek mockingly replies, “one more time.”

As we’ve come to expect in these situations, following Nick Dunn’s horrible, very racist behavior that was caught on camera, Dunn released a self-filmed video of him apologizing for said event making excuses for himself. And in that now-deleted YouTube video, Dunn claimed that despite allllllllllllllll the evidence and racial slurs flying out of his mouth, that he isn’t racist. Here’s a transcript of some of Nick Dunn’s apology and laughable claims of not being racist.

“I’m truly, truly, truly sorry for the way that I behaved. I’m not really like that. I’m not racist or anything. I don’t hate people based on the color of their skin. It’s not my deal. This guy was trying to get us to do this. In the moment my adrenaline was sky high and I was in like a fight or flight mode.”

If it were up to white people, they could literally do the most-racists acts and still come home and think to themselves “I’m no racist!”

Yes, you are Nick. You’re racist.

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